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Saving text messages

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Texting is replacing phone calls, voicemails and emails. The popularity of texting is at an all-time high.

In order to create a record of your texts and clear up memory on your phone, it is best to save your text messages from your mobile device to your computer (or other location) as a backup.

Below are instructions on how to save text messages on both Apple and Android devices.

Best App for Apple devices: iExplorer

1. Install and open iExplorer on your Apple Device.

2. Click the “DATA” tab and select “MESSAGES”.

3. When prompted, create iTunes backup (if last backup is more than 24 hours).

4. Select the messages you want to backup from the list and select a conversion format (CSV, TXT, PDF) and whether to include images or attachments.

Best App for Android devices: SMS Backup & Restore by Carbonite

1. Install and open SMS Backup & Restore on your Android Device.

2. Click the “BACKUP” tab.

3. Select Back up location (Google Drive, Drop Box, email, or Local back up).

4. Create the name of the backup, determine if you want to include MMS and Emojis, and all conversations or selected conversations.

5. The backup is saved as an XML file that can be opened with Excel.

6. Lastly, you will be prompted to establish a backup schedule (highly recommended).

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