The HR I.Q. Test: July ’17

1. Which gender is more likely to say that their work quality has suffered in 2017 due to political discussions/arguments at work?

a. Men

b. Women

2. Congress is considering allowing this for private-sector workers (which is already allowed in the public sector):

a. Age discrimination lawsuits by teens

Tough Talks D

b. Annual caps on health premium increases

c. Comp time in lieu of overtime pay

3. What percentage of U.S. workers say they’ve heard of the FMLA?

a. 44.5%

b. 81.3%

c. 66.2%

4. Medical insurers are projecting the cost of employer health care benefits to rise in 2017 by ___%.

a. 7.8% globally, 7.5% in the United States

b. 5.3% globally, 8.4% in the United States

c. 9.1% globally, 6.2% in the United States

5. U.S. employees took five more hours of vacation in 2016 versus 2015. How many days did employees, on average, use for vacation last year?

a. 11.4 days

b. 16.8 days

c. 21 days

6. What two cities have the highest percentage of workers saying they gained weight in their current job?

a. Los Angeles and Miami

b. Houston and Washington, D.C.

c. Chicago and Atlanta

Sources: 1. American Psychological Association survey   2.   3. U.S. Department of Labor survey   4. Willis Towers Watson survey   5. Project Time Off   6. survey

Answers: 1. a   2. c   3. c   4. a   5. b   6. b