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Trust and train your people

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

As an Army ranger between tours in Afghanistan, “Joe” helped guide disintegrating companies through reintegration in a process he called “bounce.”

“When I was 20 years old, with only a high school education, the Army put me in charge of a million-dollar piece of equipment, an M1 tank that could do tens of millions of dollars in damage,” Joe says. “When I became a ranger, I was calling in air strikes by $50 million aircraft. The Army takes thousands of kids like me and entrusts them with billions of dollars of technology and equipment—and the Army has confidence that they will be able to make the toughest decision a human being can ever make—the decision of life or death for another human being.”

How can ordinary people perform effectively in complex and dangerous situations?

Joe answers: “The Army does it by focusing 10% of the effort on getting the right people, and 90% on getting the people right.”

— Adapted from Bounce, Keith McFarland, Crown Publishers.

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