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The way they do it in Hollywood: Tom Reilly on communication

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Tom Reilly, 67, has spent decades on movie sets as an assistant director and producer, collaborating with filmmakers Woody Allen, Sydney Pollack and Barbra Streisand. Author of The Hollywood MBA, Reilly has managed over 100,000 people on feature film productions.

Executive Leadership: How do you manage people on a movie set?

Reilly: Preparation is extremely important. You have to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what they are supposed to do. You break it all down into steps, and then you have to be clear on the specific action you want each person to take to get to the end goal.

EL: How do you know if you’re being clear?  

Reilly: Part of it is listening. When the stakes are higher, I’ve found that people listen much more intently to you. When they have a lot on the line, like when they’re doing life-threatening stunts, everyone is paying attention. If you’re blowing up a bridge, there’s a specific time that h...(register to read more)

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