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What Cubs and Red Sox scouts look for

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Theo Epstein is a baseball legend—and he’s only 43 years old. He recruited the right mix of players so that two storied franchises, the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, could win the World Series after long droughts.

Assembling these winning teams did not happen by accident. Yes, he wanted to sign skilled players. But he also instructed his scouts to study their character in great depth.

Epstein gave his scouts a list of eight questions to gain a better sense of an individual’s overall makeup:

1. Give three examples of how the player handled adversity on the field.

2. Give three examples of how the player handled adversity off the field.

3. Describe the player’s family situation.

4. How does he treat people when no one is looking?

5. How does he treat people he doesn’t necessarily have to treat well, such as those who’ve been unfair to him?

6. What do friends say about him?

7. What do enemies say about him?

8. What motivates him? Is he externally motivated by, say, money or Twitter followers?

Epstein sought answers to these questions to address the elusive element of team chemistry.

When individuals collaborate well and root for each other’s success, they are more apt to contribute with joyfulness and build camaraderie.

“When people do things they weren’t even sure they were capable of, I think it comes back to connection,” he says. “Connection with teammates. Connection with organization. Feeling like they belong in the environment.”

— Adapted from The Cubs Way, Tom Verducci, Crown Archetype.

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