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Secure your social media accounts

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There’s another hole you need to close up against hackers: app permissions. If you’ve logged into a service using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account instead of creating a new profile, you could be vulnerable. How to check some popular accounts:

Twitter. Click on your avatar and select “Settings and privacy.” Choose “Apps” then click “Revoke access” to anything you don’t want.

Google. Use Google’s Security Checkup to run through your app permissions, passwords and devices.

Facebook. Click on the question mark menu and choose “Privacy.” Select “Apps” then click “Show all” under the box labeled “Logged in with Facebook.” Get rid of anything you don’t use.

Other accounts. Other accounts that have app integrations should have similar lists that you can scroll through and remove access from apps you don’t use.

— Adapted from “How Hackers Can Break Into Your Accounts Without Your Password,” Eric Limer, Popular Mechanics.

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