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Enhance social skills with 3 easy tricks

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Intelligence and technical skills can move you through your career, but people who also have social skills and likability tend to make more money. If you’re shy or anxious in social settings, here’s some advice for becoming more likable at work:

Say people’s names. You can show respect and friendliness by using someone’s name when talking to them or thanking them. Instead of saying “Hi, how are you?” try “Hi, Karen, how are you?”

Show some energy in your facial expressions and voice. A dull facial expression isn’t as inviting as a smile. Not only will a smile make you appear more welcoming, but it can actually boost your mood.

Use confident body language. Take your grandmother’s advice and stand up straight. A few hand gestures and square shoulders can make you appear, and actually feel, more confident.

— Adapted from “3 communication tricks to become more likable,” Marguerite Ward, CNBC.

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Laura Klotz June 27, 2017 at 12:40 pm

Excellent information for business, social and pleasure communications.


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