SHRM award winners show off best practices

The winners of the Society for Human Resource Management’s “2017 When Work Works Award” provide insight into the practices of effective workplaces. Among the themes revealed:

100% virtual: Goodway Group, a marketing firm, has employees in 40 states across all U.S. time zones. Some of its employees, known as digital nomads, work full-time on the road.

Innovative benefits: UHA Health Insurance in Hawaii offers employees 2½ hours of paid leave each week to exercise or receive preventative health services. Consulting firm XPLANE in Oregon pays $200 monthly for employees’ expenses, such as housekeeping.

Holistic approach: At imageOne in Michigan, employees establish annual professional objectives, as well as yearly personal and health goals.

Family first: Five weeks of paid time off is offered yearly at adult sports club Clubwaka of New York, where employees also can take 15 days of paid parental leave.

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Supervisor support: Communications firm Research Square in North Carolina evaluates bosses on the ability to provide a work environment that supports autonomy, helps develop new skills and instills a sense of purpose.

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