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Word: Other people are driving me crazy

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in Office Technology,Word Tips

Protecting documents

Q. When I send documents to people for editing, they always change the fonts. Is there any way to prevent this?

A. There is a way to protect your documents that allows only the type of editing you decide. It’s best if you have applied Styles for specific types of formatting such as headings. Then, you can take advantage of the Formatting restrictions setting in the Restrict Editing task pane. On the Review tab in the Protect group, click on the Restrict Editing button.

Restrict editing

The first option allows you to limit formatting to a selection of styles. By choosing the styles they can use (be sure to include Normal in most cases), you restrict their ability to alter these styles. Don’t forget to click the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button at the bottom of the task pane and assign a password if you wish. All traditional rules around passwords apply here, too. But the most important is DON’T FORGET THE PASSWORD! There is no way to retrieve it later.

Page breaks that survive editing

Q. As people edit my document, the pages go wonky, page breaking in strange places. What am I doing wrong?

A. Using hard page breaks to layout documents is not the most efficient way to lay out a document for print. Page breaks should be one of the last things you address. By default, Word incorporates widow/orphan control to keep a single line of a paragraph from being “abandoned” on the previous or next page. To keep objects and text together, click on the dialog box launcher in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Choose the Line and Page Breaks card and check the Keep with next box.


To ensure that page breaks occur before headings, right-click the heading style (such as Heading 1) and choose Modify… . At the bottom of the dialog box, click the Format button and choose Paragraph. It will get you to the same dialog box. Check the Page break before button. After all edits are in, then you can adjust with any hard page breaks if needed.

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