Hidden tricks to extend the battery life of your iPhone

The iPhone is well known for both its fast processing and, unfortunately, short battery life that forces you to search for a charger halfway through the day.

Here are three hidden tricks to extend the life of your iPhone battery:

Use Wi-Fi assist

This feature lets you switch from the Wi-Fi network to the cellular data when your connection is spotty. This improves performance and saves battery life; however, it could get expensive if you have a small data plan or find yourself roaming.

Enable low power mode

When your iPhone gets down to a 20% charge, you will automatically be prompted to switch over to “low power mode.”

This feature is available any time and is perfect for the long day away from the office. Simply go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode and slide the toggle on. This will disable push emails, stop apps from refreshing in the background and perform a few other power-saving tweaks to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Turn off tracking

By default, your iPhone is tracking your every move and saving a record of all the places you have been and how long you have been there.

Take the following steps to turn off this feature—while also protecting your privacy and increasing battery life:  

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

2. Then scroll down until you see “Frequent Locations,” tap on it, and disable it.