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Mac Office. HELP!

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in Office software,Office Technology,Web Tools

As a Mac Office user, you might sometimes feel a little abandoned. Most Microsoft help and learning resources are designed for the PC user. Take heart! There are great resources for you, too! Here are three of the best we’ve found with expert commentary and current information.

Microsoft (search terms “Office Mac quickstart”): Find the newest guides to Mac Office 2016 here. Though this could be considered the “horse’s mouth,” you won’t hear much “can’t” information.

Mac World (search terms “Mac Office 2016”): Here you’ll get both the good and bad news. This ma­ture publication tends to be reliable with expert contributor content.

Mac Rumors (search terms “Microsoft Office”): Another longtime favorite of the Mac community, this site invites tips from the user community, which are vetted by the staff. The comments and discussions are an information resource unto themselves! If you hear it here, it’s probably true.

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