4 meaningful conversation starters

During one-on-one sessions with employees, take the time to dig beneath the surface and walk away with meaningful insight you can put to use. Ask questions like these:

Gather feedback on how well your team operates. What processes work? Which don’t? What problems are you solving over and over? Where do you experience roadblocks with our system?

Revisit team results to improve decision making. Did our decision produce good or bad results? What could we have done better to execute the plan better? What decisions should we have made to produce better results?

Assess employee satisfaction. What makes you happy about working here? When are you most disappointed with yourself, the team or the organization? What do you find most frustrating about your daily routine, and what could we do to remove that frustration?

Gauge training effectiveness. What skills have you improved this month/year? What skills do you want to learn? Which of our training sessions have you found most useful? Which should we do away with and why? What training should we be offering?

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— Adapted from “7 Powerful Performance Conversation Starters,” Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak, https://leadershipfreak.blog.