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Forget the idle chitchat, hours of paperwork and orientation video, and make new hires’ first day on the job count. Take time to do the following on Day 1:

1. Explain how your organization creates value. What do you do that is unique and offers you a competitive advantage? What benefits do you provide customers, and how are you different than any other business?

Then explain how new employees will contribute to creating that value. Employees need to know what to do, but it’s equally important that they know why they do it and how it connects to the organization’s overall goals and mission.

2. Delegate an assignment to them—and offer feedback immediately. You’ll set the precedence that results matter and let them know to expect regular and ongoing performance feedback.

Perhaps more important, though, is that employees experience early wins as they complete tasks successfully, and that quickly builds their knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm.

3. Tell them why you hired them. At every opportunity, remind new employees why you chose them to join your team. Specifically discuss their skills, experience or attitude that make them a good fit for the team and organization.

It’s motivating to hear that kind of praise early before they have a chance to make their mark. Plus, it allows you to reinforce how they fit into their role and contribute to the team and organization.

— Adapted from “4 Things Great Bosses Say to a New Employee That Most Bosses Never Think to Say,” Jeff Haden, Inc., www.inc.com.

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