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Spice it up with interactive content

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Interactive content is a powerful way to engage your social media followers, because it encourages them to act. Here are five memorable ways to connect with your audience:

Create a poll or survey. People are naturally curious to see how their answers compare to other people. They are quick to take polls or surveys, especially if they are short and focused. Plus, they are simple to create, using tools such as Survey Monkey, and you can easily integrate them into social media platforms and embed them into Wordpress blogs.

Take videos to the next level. Integrate interactive hotspots in your videos that allow viewers to click and learn more.

Quiz your audience. Quick, fun and easy quizzes are all the rage. People take them, and they share their results on social media, so it’s a great way to engage current followers and reach new ones.

Include calculators on your website. Calculators are extremely effective pieces of content because they provide value to the customers. If it’s relevant to your business, include one that offers customers information they can use. For example, instead of telling people how much money they will save if they buy your product, let them calculate it for themselves.

Inject some fun with games. Games can range from followers simply spinning a wheel to win a prize to competing with other followers in interactive worlds. They are ideal for keeping people engaged with your brand, even after they’ve made a purchase, because they come back to play.

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