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Nuggets from #AdviceForPeopleJoiningTwitter

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Some real tips and wisdom from Twitter users, trending under #AdviceForPeopleJoiningTwitter:

Tweet Leave your children, food, and inspirational quotes on Facebook.

Tweet If you don’t follow back Don’t complain when you lose followers

Tweet Don’t dwell on “LIKING” only as if it’s Facebook. We don’t care about LIKES but care about RETWEETS

Tweet You better have thick skin here, kid. This ain’t no Facebook page where your mommy likes all your food posts

Tweet Soon enough u will even speak under 140 characters. Be prepared that sometimes u can not even finish your …

Tweet Twelebs will steal your tweets and get more Retweets than you. Don’t say anything keep it moving.

Tweet if they have no tweets and more followers than you, block

Tweet Do not be quick to follow celebrities, they don’t follow back! Follow us, regular people and we will follow u.

Tweet Your weirdest tweets that you are scared to post usually get the most likes.

Tweet Don’t tweet it if you found it on Facebook. It has probably been known for the last 6 weeks.

Tweet Don’t ever follow, only to unfollow once you’re followed back.

Tweet Think of Twitter as a psych ward, where the patients have Internet access but w/o benefit of therapists

Tweet Rt [retweet] peeps you don’t know not just your friends

Tweet Tweet others like you want to be tweeted

Tweet Don’t worry about numbers. 4 out of the 623 people who saw your tweet think you’re pretty awesome

Tweet Never steal someone’s tweet. If you like someone’s tweet, retweet. That’s the whole point.

Tweet Your typo will only become visible to yourself after your tweet becomes popular.

Tweet Don’t live on the internet.

Tweet Go out and experience real life.

Tweet You want respect? Lose the egg

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