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Is it them, or is it me? The problem co-worker quiz

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Office Politics

This one’s real simple to score—just circle every question to which you answer “False.” Circle it again … and then again … and then one more time. And then take a moment to think…

1. I know for a fact that my co-worker behaves in a way I know I never have or ever would.

2. I know enough about my co-worker’s home and personal life to be sure that nothing can explain the reason for their behavior.

3. I’m sure my co-worker is the exact same aggravating person outside of the office as inside.

4. I can’t think of anything to talk about with my co-worker that we would have fun discussing.

5. The time I spend being irritated and complaining about my co-worker is worth it.

6. Just letting go of how I feel about my co-worker is not an option.

7. Other people feel more hostile toward my co-worker than I do—I’m not the #1 complainer.

8. I am confident that no one I work with has any complaints about me personally.

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