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10 office faux pas you’ve committed for the last time

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

1. Attacking your environment. There’s probably not a workplace in the world where everyone feels like they’re at the perfect temperature all the time. It’s tough to heat and cool large buildings, and vocal complaints about being too hot or too cold get old very quickly. Do what you can to take matters into your own hands through layering, desk fans, etc. before you become known as a complainer.

2. Getting “namey.” Ever notice that when someone is speaking to you in a slightly tense conversation, the use of your name has the effect of putting you slightly on the defensive? ("Well, Susan, as I said before...") While it's a personable thing to do when things are casual, it can come off as an aggressive means of speaking when a problem is being discussed, so be very careful of your tone when you name-drop.

3. Handing out memory assignments. When you agree to complete a project of any size, never drop the old "Remind me if I for...(register to read more)

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