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Personal care industry: Know the unique UC rules

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

Personal care attendants typically sign a contract with their staffing service to provide personal care for a specific patient. Under Minnesota’s unemployment compensation laws, when service for a particular patient ends, attendants are only eligible for unemployment compensation benefits if they tell the staffing service they are willing and able to work with another patient. Otherwise, the end of the original assignment doesn’t count as a discharge.

Recent case: Haminda agreed to provide personal care to her uncle through a staffing service. Then he moved out of the country, and Hamida told the company she wouldn’t take another patient. She filed for unemployment benefits. She was turned down and sued, alleging that she had been terminated.

The court rejected her claim, reasoning that she had quit and was therefore ineligible for unemployment. (Jama v. Wise Health, Court of Appeals of Minnesota, 2017)

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