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The O’Reilly Factor: Claw backs and the ‘faithless servant’

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in Compensation and Benefits,Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

One of the underlying themes of the now defunct “O’Reilly Factor” shown on Fox News was that liberal elites have brought about the “wussification” of America. In the world of controversial show host Bill O’Reilly, personal responsibility has given way to excuses and coddling, prompting the question: Where is good, old-fashioned comeuppance when it is needed?

In O’Reilly’s case, we now have an answer to that question.

While O’Reilly was a lynchpin to Fox News’ highly rated nightly line-up, he was still an employee, subject to all of the same common law duties and liabilities as everyone else. As a Fox News employee, he owed his employer a duty of loyalty. He was fired in the wake of claims (and $13 million worth of settlements) alleging that he sexually harassed female employees at the network.

And because he was employed in New York, O’Reilly was subject to the mother of all employer remedies, the “faithless servant doctrine...(register to read more)

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