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Jimmy Breslin defines hard work

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

“Work hard” is one of the cardinal rules of success. For what that means, listen to big-time columnist Jimmy Breslin, who visited Cleveland on a book tour some 30 years ago.

Asked how he could write books and still produce a newspaper column three times a week, the Pulitzer Prize winner said: “It’s very easy. You work like hell. Seven days a week.”

As if to illustrate, Breslin visited a Cleveland neighborhood where a little girl had been shot the day before. He felt compelled to ask neighbors about it, driven by his belief in shoe-leather reporting.

“You climb the stairs,” he explained, “and all the stories are at the top of the stairs.”

— Adapted from “Jimmy Breslin was a charmer,” Scott Stephens, Cleveland.com.

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