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Career tips from the Girl Scouts

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in Admins,Office Management

The nearly two million Girl Scouts continually find clever ways of tempting us with their delicious cookies each spring. Their tactics are so good you can use some of their business savvy in your own career.

Network to build relationships. Eleven-year-old Julia Vieira Reis gives a business card to her cookie customers so they can reach out when they want more.

Create your own elevator pitch. Najah Lorde, 15, upsells to customers so there’s no worries about making change (five boxes for $20 instead of two boxes for $8).

Be a good team player. Working well with others helps everyone in the group. When running cookie booths at a Wal-Mart, 17-year-old Dierdre Moore teams up with other girls to cover both doors.

Don’t give up on what you really want. Setting up a cookie booth was difficult for shy 12-year-old Althea Collier, but she decided to be brave and push herself to sell her entire supply.

— Adapted from “Get Career Advice From Girl Scouts (They Know What They’re Doing!),” Jillian Kramer, Glamour.

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