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Rival unions come to blows over recruiting nurses

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in Employment Law,Hiring,Human Resources

Officials of the California Nurses Association (CNA) have sought a restraining order against members of rival union Service Employees International Union (SEIU), accusing them of stalking and harassing them.

The two unions are engaged in competing efforts to represent Ohio nurses. The CNA is one of the nation’s largest nurses unions, with 80,000 members in all 50 states. The SEIU has been trying for three years to organize nurses at Catholic hospitals throughout Ohio. That effort suffered a setback in March when CNA representatives allegedly forcibly entered patient care areas of some hospitals on the day a union vote was scheduled, prompting SEIU officials to cancel balloting.

The competition between the two unions spans the country. In the latest round of intramural squabbling, CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro said SEIU representatives went to CNA officials’ homes and yelled at them through the windows.

The battle turned physical in Michigan in April, when DeMoro was scheduled to speak at a conference. She canceled when she heard rumors the SEIU was sending busloads of members from Ohio to protest. When the SEIU protesters shoved their way into the meeting, a brawl ensued. One union member was pushed, banged her head against a table and was taken to a hospital with a head wound.

Unless the object of the conference was to generate work for the local hospitals, it all sounds pretty counterproductive.

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