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A little ingenuity = paper and money savings

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in Admins,Office Management,Office Organizer

Gloria M. Adams, an admin working for the state of Texas, offers this original tip:

“I have a to-do list made by my document services tech using the recycled copy header pages separating each job sent to the copier. The header pages are accumulated by everyone neatly tossing their header page into one of the copy paper boxes.

“When the box is full (1,000 or so pages), an admin takes the pages to our document services center. Copied onto the back of the pages is a list that we made with columns for Task to Be Completed, Due Date, and a space for check off when completed.

“The document services tech stacks about 50 pages together, with each stack separated by card, and glues them. When they are dry, the portion of the page that has the header information is cut off, and then each stack of 50 is pulled apart, giving us about 20 pads. We do this often enough to share the pads with other staff in our building.

“Our office never runs out of notepads and/or to-do lists. You would be surprised how fast you can accumulate 1,000 pages of paper when a header page is sent with every copy job in an office building of about 200 people and a training facility that supports classes every day.

“To put it together takes about 30 minutes; the glue has to dry overnight. The notepads look just like the blank notepads ordered from Office Depot.”

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