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Customer service via social media

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Modern-day customers turn to social media when they are looking for customer service. According to a survey by J.D. Powers, out of 23,000 people, 67% have used a company’s social media site for customer service.

Today’s consumer expects a response in 30–60 minutes when posting a request to a company on social media—day, night or weekends. It’s time for companies to step up their customer service.

Here are four truths about customer service on social media.

It’s public. Unless they sent a private message, their post is visible for everyone to see. This is a chance for your company to address a problem with a valued customer and let other possible customers see how you resolve issues.

It’s immediate. We live in a busy world, so your customers want to get their issue resolved and move on. It’s best to respond quickly (within 30 minutes), and take the conversation offline if you need more information.

It’s impactful. When a customer reaches out to a company and the company quickly responds to resolve the issue, this deepens the relationship with the customer and can turn him or her into a raving fan.

It’s viral. When a company publicly rises above an issue, this is a chance to endear customers and have them sing the praises of the company to many more people, further broadening their brand’s reach and increasing loyalty to the company.

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