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Tools to interpret acronyms and more

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

What does that mean? Every profession and industry has their own language and acronyms. Sometimes it helps to have a quick reference when you find yourself amid unfamiliar terminology.

Acronym Finder: This site is really straightforward. Type in an acronym and get possible meanings. If you’re in a conversation with mining professionals and they’re talking about ABM, they mean an abandoned mine; with military folks, it’s probably an anti-ballistic missile.

NASDAQ symbol lookup: Sometimes you’re watching the ticker and see a stock that’s climbing the charts. Who are they? What are they doing? Start here to at least answer the first question. You can also type in the company and get the stock symbol.

Efile tax glossary: If there’s one set of subject matter experts that have their own language, it’s tax professionals. This handy glossary breaks down specialized terms into plain language.

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