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Plan communication with the boss

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

When you gain a new supervisor, it’s a smart idea to outline expectations for how the two of you will communicate. Doing so ensures that you can meet those expectations from Day 1 of the new relationship.

Take some time to talk about the following:

How do you prefer we communicate (e.g., email, text, in-person or phone)? This one allows you to match your format to your supervisor’s preference.

How often do you want to communicate (e.g., daily, weekly, only when there is news to share)? Make sure that you aren’t overwhelming your manager with updates—but that you are doing enough to keep him or her in the loop.

What are your top communication pet peeves (e.g., hitting “Reply All” on every email, frequently stopping by)? Those are the habits you want to avoid at all costs.

What’s the most important thing I should know about communicating with you (e.g., he/she is unavailable every day at 1:00, he/she only reads email at the end of the day)? Always keep it in mind when you contact your supervisor.

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