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Payroll odds and ends from recent IRS email advice

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in Office Management,Payroll Management

The IRS is a prodigious publisher. Here are digests of emails sent between IRS offices.

Note: Email advice is intended as private advice from the IRS to the requesting party. They may be used for informational purposes only; they may not be used or cited as precedent.

1. Penalties for failing to furnish and file W-2cs. Corrections to W-2s are made by filing Form W-2c with the Social Security Administration. The same hefty tax penalties that apply to failing to furnish and file W-2s apply to failing to furnish and file W-2c forms.

In an email addressing when penalties can be levied against an employer that failed to furnish or file W-2c forms, the IRS concluded that penalties can’t be assessed at the end of an audit. IRS: Penalties can be assessed if the employer fails to furnish and file W-2c forms by Jan. 31 of the year following the year in which the audit concludes. (EEC 201629008)

2. Restrictions on Employer Identificati...(register to read more)

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