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Churn your creativity 24/7

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As the composer of “Game of Thrones,” the hit TV show, Ramin Djawadi crafts the musical score on his own timetable. For Djawadi, 42, the creative process never shuts off.

He gets some of his best composing ideas in the middle of the night or in bed as he wakes up in the morning. To capture his latest thought, he sings or hums his inspiration into his mobile phone.

He’s so eager to create the score for the show that he sometimes begins composing as soon as he hears about a scene from his colleagues. Normally, composers wait until they can view footage before starting to write the accompanying music, but Djawadi prefers to experiment with sounds as soon as possible.

To unleash your innovative spirit, learn from Djawadi. Don’t try to block off an hour or two to think outside the box; instead, let your ideas percolate over time and record any and all “crazy ideas” that pop into your head.

To lay the groundwork for innovation, allot time for artistic pursuits such as painting, dancing or other hobbies that engage your mind and body. And surround yourself with creative friends and colleagues.

— Adapted from “Are You Washing Your Best Ideas Down the Drain?,” Elizabeth Crook, www.elizabethcrook.com.

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