What your boss thinks of your messy desk

Is it time to spring clean your messy desk? More than half of senior managers (54%) interviewed by staffing firm OfficeTeam said the most distracting or annoying aspect of employee workspaces is sloppiness or disorganization.

But don’t go overboard! One in 10 respondents said they thought a desk that’s too clean or bare raises a red flag.

What bothers bosses

The neat freaks at OfficeTeam offer three tips for creating a workspace that leaves a good impression:

Clean up your act. Spend a few minutes every day clearing out old documents, food wrappers and dirty dishes. Reduce clutter by organizing files or going paperless.

Keep it simple. It’s OK to have a few things in your workspace that are inspiring or fun to look at, but covering your desk with too many knickknacks can be an eyesore.  

Don’t be offensive. Remember, items in your work area aren’t always for your eyes only. Ditch the political posters, risqué photos and anything that might be too controversial. Fifteen percent of senior managers polled reported seeing an inappropriate or offensive item in an employee’s work area.

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