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‘My boss adopted me’: The 10 strangest work-related dreams

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in HR Management,Human Resources

A majority of U.S. workers (60%) say a lack of sleep has hurt their work productivity, and only 17% of workers say they get at least eight hours of sleep a night, says a new CareerBuilder survey.

And even when employees are sleeping, they can’t seem to leave work behind. According to the survey, here are the craziest work-related dreams employees say they’ve had:

1. “Tyrannosaurus Rex worked at my office.”

2. “I felt embarrassed by my casual clothes because I had not realized the Queen of England was visiting that day.”

3. “I work with software. While I was pregnant, I had a dream that I had to upload my unborn baby at the end of every day, or she’d lose her development for the day.”

4. “I was naked on a roller coaster while trying to reconcile an account I’m working on.”

5. “My co-worker had a baby but wrapped it in a burrito wrapper.”

6. “My boss and I were mowing a lawn in the clouds on a go-kart.”

7. “My boss adopted me and my co-workers and took us shopping.”

8. “Famous people worked with me in place of my co-workers.“

9. “I opened a ‘bank and brew’ where customers, after doing their banking, had a choice of beers and tapas.”

10. “I drove the forklift home from work.”

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