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Paper evaluations? Switch to software to limit subjectivity

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training,Performance Reviews

There’s no such thing as a completely objective performance evaluation. It’s impossible to totally eliminate manager subjectivity.

That can become a legal problem when, for example, a poorly rated employee is promoted over a minority.

Increased subjectivity is one of the main reasons employers should consider turning to performance evaluation software. Employees have less ammunition to complain about unfairness if the software spits out the names of employees eligible for promotion, based on previous reviews.

So-called “blind” searches for the best evaluation scores can yield the top performers regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. Two other ways performance management software can improve your talent evaluation process:

1. It’s easier to select top performers in specific areas.
All the information for every evaluation is available on a single database. You can search the database by keyword or a specific rating criterion to select evaluations with the highest scores in certain skills and abilities.

Example: You can pull up all employees who score a 5 (on a scale of 1 to 5) on “meeting sales goals.”

2. Organizations can connect their goals to performance criteria and track it objectively. Example: Say a company isn’t meeting its sales goals, but marketing reps keep getting good reviews. Nobody in the organization realizes the discrepancy because managers don’t examine the reviews collectively.

Warning: The most common mistake by new software users: They do not provide enough training to managers.

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