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The management lesson taught by greedy athletes

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Leaders & Managers,People Management

As I write this, the local pro football team is engaged in a familiar dance with an emerging star: Management wants to pay him a certain crazy number of millions of dollars per year, but his agent would like just a smidgen of an increase over that already astronomical amount, thank you very much, or the man with the golden arm walks.

How many times have you shaken your head over the greed displayed in a situation like this? But if you were that football player, you’d likely make a similar demand.

Don’t think so? Imagine this scenario:

You’re making $60,000 at a job and are content with that. One day you happen to see a colleague’s paycheck. Barry’s a decent employee with the same job title as yours; he came aboard a year after you did and sometimes needs help to get things done. Oddly, some casual math reveals that he’s making $61,400.

Hmmm. He’s getting paid more for the same job. But you know you’re better. It’s only a mea...(register to read more)

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