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Google Search, revisited

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Google has become synonymous with search—so much so that I recently heard someone say “You know, you can Google that in Bing.” And, as more content has been added to the web from websites, social media, video and shopping sites, it’s pretty easy to turn up scads of search results. But, how many pages of search results do you review before finding what you want? Knowing how to use Google’s beyond-the-basics search tools can really shorten the hunt.

Typing in search criteria, depending on the keywords, may bring up advertised (Ad) results first, which may or may not be the best results for you. Scroll down and you may see more useful results, including “how to” information right on the search results. When searching for answers about software, I like to click on the Tools menu item and narrow down my results to the past year. As often and as dynamically as software changes these days, you will likely get led astray if you don’...(register to read more)

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