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Speed up your Android device

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After spending hundreds of dollars on a new Android device, it’s frustrating when your speed demon is clunking along.

As your device is used, it accumulates lots of extras that can significantly slow it down.

Here are four things you can do to have your device humming again:

1. Check software for latest version. The latest software will contain bug fixes and can help your device run smoother and faster. To check your Android device, go to: Settings > About > Device > Software updates.

2. Clean up the home screen. Live wallpapers consume a significant amount of resources, so it’s best to use a static image instead. Also, get rid of old unnecessary icons and limit the number of widgets being used to gain even more perkiness from your device.

3. Remove unused apps. Unused apps consume valuable resources and drag your device down. It is best to uninstall apps that you are not using. Disabling also reduces resources, although it is not as effective as uninstalling the app.

4. Clear cache. Apps will get stored in cache to help them load more quickly. However, this slows down the system over time. To clear your cache and reduce the stress on your system, go to: Settings > storage > cached data and tap Cached Data and OK.

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