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The HR I.Q. Test: March ’17

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. A new Trump administration plan to cut regulations calls on federal agencies to:

a. Limit new regulations to one per week

b. Cut two regulations for every new one issued

c. Freeze new regulations for one year

2. What’s the worst thing an applicant can do to ruin an interview?

a. Get caught in a lie

b. Answer a cellphone call

c. Dress inappropriately

3. In 2017, what’s the average balance in an American worker’s 401(k) retirement savings plan?

a. $144,300

b. $66,400

c. $92,500

4. Work-related fatalities just hit an eight-year high. What are the two most dangerous jobs in America?

a. Fishing, aircraft pilot

b. Truck driver, roofer

c. Steel worker, garbage collector

5. The percentage of employees who say they’ve dated a co-worker this year is:

a. 41%, a 10-year high

b. 33%, a 10-year low

6. In 2000, almost 60% of adult women worked. Since then, that rate has:

a. Risen to 63.2%

b. Fallen to 56.7%

c. Stayed the same

Sources: 1. The White House   2. survey of HR pros   3. Fidelity Investments study   4. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics   5. CareerBuilder survey   6. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Answers: 1. b   2. a   3. c   4. a   5. a   6. b

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