Is this one of the most embarrassing typos ever?

First, let me start by saying that this isn’t a political post. It’s something different.

Perhaps by now you’ve heard about the glaring typo on President Trump’s inauguration poster.

The poster with “No dream is too big, no challenge is to great” appeared on the Library of Congress’ online store (it has since been removed). The mistake made it past several eyes before customers noticed it, and of course, social media went wild.

I’m not sure who, if anyone, has taken the blame. What I do know is that several people didn’t do their job and proof the poster carefully, and that makes them this month’s collective winner of the Worst Communicator Award. That lack of diligence resulted in an expensive and embarrassing mistake for the Library of Congress and the new administration.

Obviously, it should read “too great.” It’s a common error that isn’t picked up by your standard spelling and grammar check. Even the best writers miss similar typos and grammatical errors. Still, someone should have caught it.

Tough Talks D

No doubt, some people don’t care about their sloppy writing or the impression it leaves on others. Just look at all the poorly written—boarding on illiterate—social media posts and comments for proof. That said, I think most people just overlook an error, either because they don’t know the rules or because they rush. They skim it and move on with their day.

Don’t be either person and let a lack of effort make you look unprofessional or—worse—unintelligent. Proof everything, no matter how short or informal, carefully.