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Make work more appealing

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Yes, your employees have jobs to do. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t put a little zing into their daily grind to keep up morale. Here are some tips.

Start by asking them how they feel about their jobs. They may feel happy or upset, worried or excited. If you take the time to find out, you’ll gain a better understanding of which aspects of their work are the most meaningful and what sort of new responsibilities would interest them. Plus the care and concern you show will help make their present jobs more satisfying.

You can add variety to work by letting employees see their jobs from different angles. Give them at least an occasional chance to take on desirable tasks and fresh challenges. For example, put a willing employee in charge of a new employee’s orientation. Or you could ask at a meeting, “What can we start doing differently around here?”

Kick back and enjoy. If your unit’s goals are being met, there’s no reason not to take an impromptu fun break. Throw an unexpected pizza party where no talk about work is allowed.

Make a conscious effort to find out what your employees like about their leisure time activities. You’ll not only get a better sense of what turns them on and how to tap into their enthusiasm, you’ll also get to know them better. And that insight will help you communicate with them more effectively—including how to make your unit a more enjoyable place to work.

Let them grow. Give your employees the pleasurable feeling of growing in their jobs by providing fresh challenges and training opportunities that help them develop their skills.

Ask them, “Is there anything we do here that you think you have a skill or passion for that you would like to try?”

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