Managing retention and turnover is top HR challenge

A new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management suggests that a strong job market is affecting where HR departments focus their efforts.

Almost half of employer organizations surveyed now consider managing employee retention and turnover their most pressing workforce management challenge.

That was a major finding from SHRM’s “Influencing Workplace Culture Though Employee Recognition and Other Efforts” survey, which examined the role of recognition programs in corporate America.

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The study authors posit that improving employee recognition efforts could be one strategy to help organizations mitigate these challenges. The majority of respondents indicated that their employee recognition programs had positive impacts on employee engagement, workplace culture, retention and employee happiness.

Another key finding showed that more organizations are tying employee recognition efforts to their core values with good results.

Overall, 81% of organizations surveyed had an employee recognition program, and 60% said their program was tied to organizational core values, an increase from 50%