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Sites in a snap

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Google Sites is a fast and relatively easy way to get things out there on the web. To test my theory I put together a seven-page website about art I have collected and display in my office. It took about three hours, but much of that was spent creating a custom background image as well as adjusting the less-than-pro photos I took of the works themselves. If not for that, I bet I could have put the site up in an hour. Here are the basic steps:

1. From Google Drive, click New, then More, then Google Sites.

Google Sites

2. Click on the Themes tab on the right to get started. Fair warning, you may end up changing this before you’re done. Each one has a selection of colors to choose from as well.


3. Title your home page and enter any other text elements by using the text box on the Insert tab. Don’t concern yourself with the positioning, at this point.

4. Insert any images you’d like to use and crop and size as desired. Don’t worry so much about where they appear on the page.

5. Now, begin arranging things around the page areas. Grid guides will appear to help you get the right look.

6. Each section in which you add content, as it is selected, will pop up some options depending upon where you are and what you’re working on. Some will appear to the left. Others will appear directly on the section itself. You can have an image as a background, too!

Section background

7. Preview your creation by clicking on the Preview button (eyeball icon).

8. Your next decision is whether you will offer the ability to edit to others. At the top, next to the Preview button, is the Add editors button (plus sign and a person). For example, on my project I could have shared the page with each artist and given them the option to add or edit the information I’ve included.

9. Add more pages by clicking the Pages tab and then clicking the Add page button. Each will adopt your chosen theme. However, you can insert a different picture background if you want to differentiate the pages a bit more.

10. If you want pages to be subpages of other pages, simply click and drag them to the right, under the page you want to use as the superior page. This can’t be the home page, by the way. Pages will appear in the order in which they’re listed on the Pages tab. If there are more pages than can be displayed in the horizontal space, there’s a button to see more pages.

11. When you’re satisfied with your creation, you can then publish it. Click on Publish. This will reveal a dialog box where you can name it and decide whether it should show up in search results.

Check the service level agreement Google offers before sharing anything that could be considered sensitive or confidential. Always use copyright information where appropriate, as well as seek permission to use artwork that isn’t yours.

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