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YouTube: Uploading videos

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

YouTube is the most popular online video streaming service and the most searched online information engine with over a billion users. More people watch videos than read articles, and the majority of users watch YouTube on their cellphones.

Google, which now owns YouTube, also loves to rank video content from YouTube on searches. This can be helpful to businesses, since posting YouTube videos is one way to drastically increase exposure to their products or services.

A unique feature of YouTube is that ads can be programmed to run before a popular video, and the user cannot click off the ad until it is done playing. YouTube ads are set up through Google AdWords.

YouTube makes it easy to upload a video:

1. Start by logging into YouTube by using your Gmail account, so make sure to set that up first.

2. Click Upload at the top of the page, and select the video you want to upload.

3. While the video is uploading, type in a description and include the website where people can get more information (if applicable).

4. Once uploaded, click Publish to save the video on YouTube.

Once the video is saved on YouTube, it can be shared. More advanced settings are also available to choose from, such as closed captioning, location, select a playlist, allow ads to play on the video (monetize the video) and more.

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