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Why artificial intelligence is no threat to your job

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in Admins,Office Management

Worried about computer technology doing away with your position? Yes, automation can work wonders, but not quite for everything—including what matters most.

The next time someone makes a comment suggesting your duties may soon be done away with due to rapid technological advances that simulate the actions of good employees, consider how A.I. will perform when it comes to:

Avoiding attention-based mistakes. Common human errors in scheduling include double-booking or making time-zone mistakes. AI can eliminate these problems.

Prioritization. AI can run a calendar based on programmed priorities, preferences and routines.

Making proper judgments. A human is needed to call ahead to a restaurant to request the quietest table for a business meeting.

Creativity. Only a human assistant can be proactive and creative about ways to solve problems.

— Adapted from “Will AI Cost Executive Assistants Their Jobs?,” Deena Anreise, Business2Community.

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