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What to do with those 122 emails

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The average corporate worker sends and receives 122 emails every day, according to a study by the Radicati Group. Joe Staples, writing at Martech Advisor, offers some suggestions to alleviate email interruptions for you and your co-workers.

Think before you hit “Reply All.” Don’t send an email to everyone that only one or two people need to see.

Get to the point. Don’t write unnecessarily long emails. If you find yourself pouring out paragraphs, consider picking up the phone instead.

Avoid tackling urgent matters with email. The point of email is to send and receive it at your convenience. If your company tends to address time-sensitive issues with email, everyone will be tied to their inboxes all day.

Be careful how you use CC. If you want to involve your manager or another party in your email exchange, make your intentions clear about why you’re doing it. You don’t want to seem like you’re being sneaky.

Slow down before you hit send. Don’t send three emails in a row that say, “Oh yeah, one more thing …” Also, avoid sending an email that stops midsentence because you accidentally hit Send. Wait until you’re finished writing to insert the recipient’s address.

Don’t use email for everything. Look into other platforms and methods of sharing to-do lists, archiving work or assigning tasks.

— Adapted from “6 Annoying Email Habits That Could Be Undermining Your Effectiveness at Work,” Joe Staples, Martech Advisor.

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