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EEOC sues Walmart for firing employee with Down syndrome

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

An EEOC lawsuit claims Walmart violated the ADA when it fired a longtime employee with Down syndrome after the woman had a hard time adjusting to a new schedule.

For 15 years, Marlo had worked a noon to 4:00 p.m. shift three or four afternoons per week at a Walmart store in Wisconsin. She received multiple pay raises and satisfactory performance reviews over the years

In 2014, however, Walmart began using new software that couldn’t be programmed to set up Marlo’s usual schedule. Because of Marlo’s disability, she was unable to adapt to the change in routine and was written up for tardiness and eventually fired.

The EEOC’s lawsuit claims Walmart should have continued to accommodate Marlo’s disability by allowing her to keep the schedule that had worked well for 15 years.

The suit seeks reinstatement, back pay and other damages.

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