Put a stop to interrupters

Numerous studies tell us that men are more likely to interrupt women than vice versa, and they interrupt women more than they do other men.

Certainly, men aren’t the only ones doing the interrupting, but the research does offer some food for thought:

If you’re a man: Think twice before you speak. What is your purpose for speaking over or interrupting someone? Is it a power move? Or do you need to gain clarification or correct an assumption?

If it’s the former, chill out. You don’t need to interrupt people to show your intelligence or authority.

If it’s the latter, wait until the person stops speaking to ask questions or make corrections.

Difficult People D

If you’re a woman: If someone interrupts you to gain clarification, you can usually let it slide. However, if people simply talk over you or continuously cut you off, confidently say “I am not quite finished and have a few more points to make. I appreciate your feedback, but please wait until I’m done.” Then continue speaking.

— Adapted from “Gal Interrupted, Why Men Interrupt Women and How to Avert This in the Workplace,” Leslie Shore, Forbes, www.forbes.com.