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Should you start a podcast?

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Thinking about starting a podcast to build your thought leadership or help promote your business? Read this first:

Assess your audience. Studies show that the average podcast listener’s age is between 18 and 54, so start with demographics. Plus, if you want it to be worth your time, you need a large audience. Do you have enough of a customer base that will tune in regularly?

Buy the right equipment. At the least, you need quality microphones, recording software and equipment, and a hosting platform. Plus, you’ll want to hire someone who can clean up the audio or learn how to do it yourself.

Choose a narrow, relevant focus. The topic should reflect the organization’s or your personal brand; and narrower, more focused topics tend to be more popular. More importantly, it must educate listeners, so you need a host who is both charismatic and an expert in the subject matter. Plus, you don’t want to be too promotional.

Share short, frequent episodes. Limit podcasts to 30 minutes at the very most; and aim for a new one each week, and at the very least, biweekly. If that sounds undoable, podcasting likely isn’t for you right now.

— Adapted from “Thinking of Starting a Podcast? These 5 Tips Can Help,” Mikal E. Belicove, Entrepreneur, www.entrepreneur.com.

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