3 training priorities for 2017

Want to plan employee training that will prepare your employees for the future of business? Or build your own skills that will make you indispensable? Experts recommend the following:

Eliminate the soft skills gap. Too many employees, especially young and first-time employees, struggle with fundamentals, such as communication, time-management and teamwork. Those are critical skills that apply to everyone at any level in any industry.

Boost critical thinking. Another skill sorely lacking in the workplace is the ability to think on your feet and make hard decisions when you are short on time and details. Critical thinking training is one of the best ways to boost accountability and autonomy, and it is critical for leadership positions.

Provide ongoing technology training. Technology—some very sophisticated—has infiltrated every organization, big or small, regardless of industry. Be open to adopting and using new technology, but also take the time to thoroughly learn how to use it.

— Adapted from “The Top In-Demand Workforce Skills for 2017,” Tess Taylor, HR Dive, www.hrdive.com.

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