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Lawsuit? Bad idea. Find a workaround

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Q. I was fired from my job. A vengeful boss resented my success and my relationships throughout the organization. I’m thinking of getting a lawyer and suing for wrongful termination. Have you been involved in such lawsuits? What’s it like to take legal action?

A. You’re asking the wrong guy. I loathe lawyers; I’ll do anything to avoid them. Throughout my career, I’ve taken extraordinary steps to resolve conflicts outside of the legal system. I’ve looked enemies in the eye and agreed to things that were not in my best interest and required some sacrifice. But I bypassed months (years?) of legal wrangling. I’ve seen how legal cases can destroy even the victors. So weigh the time, emotional drain and opportunity cost of pursuing a legal claim against focusing all your energy on getting a fresh start.

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