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4 reasons work can wait

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

When you’re trying to cram in that “one more thing,” consider whether you’re actually driving yourself or your people crazy. Think about this:

1. Little of your work is life or death. Think about your deadlines. Are they arbitrary or self-imposed? Does this need to be done right now? Unless you are an emergency room doctor, ask if it can wait. Chances are, it can.

2. A 40-hour workweek is humane. The best companies care deeply about their customers. Why not treat the people serving them—your employees—the same way, with respect, kindness, empathy and good manners?

3. If your work can’t wait, do it right away. If it’s urgent and critical for real, do it first and get it done.

4. Meaningful work increases satisfaction. If employees use their 40 hours focusing on things that matter, they will feel engaged and fulfilled.

— Adapted from “4 Reasons Your Work Can Wait,” Christina DesMarais, Inc.

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