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Getting rid of ROT

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in Centerpiece,Office Management,Records Retention

Getting rid of ROTIt’s easy for our electronic files and documents to pile up and grow out of control, especially with emails. Over time this accumulation of “stuff” impacts our daily work lives in ways both seen and unseen.

When disaster strikes, are you prepared, and willing, to recover all of your electronic information? Or would you rather focus your time, money and efforts on recovering the information that brings value to your organization?

Chances are, you would rather have what you need, when you need it. And chances are, you would rather only pay to maintain the information that brings value to your business and protects you from risk. Learn to identify the information and documents that benefit your company. Start by getting rid of the ROT (that is, redundant, outdated and trivial information).

  • Redundant = duplicate documents (identify one as the MASTER and destroy, or label, all others as a copy)
  • Outdated = time sensitive docume...(register to read more)

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