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Communication skills that get you heard

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Communication skills at work are essential if you want to have your ideas heard or have co-workers who are comfortable sharing ideas with you. Consider these tips:

Listen. Be an active listener who’s truly tuned in when someone else speaks.

Ask good questions. Ensure that you understand others by asking thoughtful questions.

Ask for what you need unapologetically. Don’t be passive-aggressive; be clear about what you want and need from others.

Remember that everyone communicates differently. Know who you’re talking to—and adapt to their communication style.

Don’t talk too fast. No one will absorb what you say if it’s at high speed.

Involve people in conversations. Don’t demand things from them.

Don’t yell or place blame. Others will shut down.

Watch your nonverbal communication. Use eye contact, positive facial expressions and good posture.

Check your emotions. Put your feelings aside in professional communication.

— Adapted from “13 Ways to Increase Your Communi­cation Skills at Work,” Raven Ishak, Bustle.com.

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